Forgiveness for Peace

A week ago I began the ABCs of Abundance with the Angels (A 43-Day Experience) By Rev Nina Roe www. The past several days lessons have been on forgiveness.  I would be lying to you and to me if I was to say I have not had a battle or a hundred with forgiveness.  Mostly I have a difficult time forgiving myself, forgiving myself for my part in the “alleged” transgression or hurt.   I have held on to hurts and transgressions like they are winning lottery tickets I’m going to get to cash in one day(figuratively).  Today I understand unforgiveness is a heavy and low frequency energy.   If I have Unforgiveness in my heart, I am not at Peace.  Negative Energy is dense and weighty.   I don’t want to cash it in or pass it on.

Being nothing is random and the Divine is infused everywhere what better time for me to be contemplating Forgiveness for Peace; today being the 10th anniversery of 911.  Even now as I sit in the comfort of my apartment 10 years later and 2500 miles or so away it is still sitting in my heart and soul. Because although I myself did not lose anyone on that day – I was in New York.  I was driving to work on the long Island Expressway when it came on the news.  I was at my office when the news of the second tower going down came on.

911 was for many Americans The Unforgiveable Act.  Even then I being who I am couldn’t join in the hatred of a whole nation of people.  Maybe because I could not understand nor wanted to understand the consciousness of fear and hate that perpetrated such devastation.

On the flip side 911 was also about Love.  So many of us got a whole lot of clarity on what we wanted to hold on to -and let go of.  In the devastation there was healing.  In the tragedy there were miracles.

On my last entry I introduced my Angelic Support Team, Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and Jophiel.  Yesterday I was at Mystic Moon Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ and met Guy Devin, PhD.,CCN, CHHP.  He was there doing intuitive readings and my Angels nudged me to him and I am a good listener.  Jophiel and Zadkiel popped in to remind me of their work with me.  Jophiel is the Archangel of Beauty – My personal slant on it is she is helping  me throw out, trash the yuck and keep the shiny bling in my mental and emotional realm.

I want Peace.  I can not demand Peace from others if I don’t have Peace myself.  Peace is inspired, not a commodity to be held hostage.  I am willing to let go of my need to hold on to judgements and unforgiveness.  I can not be The Engergy of  Peace then hold a shield up and say NOPE not for  you.   No one can bring me Peace, It is mine to tap into.

This morning’s services at Creative living Fellowship was of course about 911, Unity, Oneness and Forgiveness (You can listen to the service on the website).  It was a beautiful service then again they are all exceptional.  At the end of Rev. Michele Whittington’s talk we were given the opportunity to write whatever we needed to write, be it an affirmation or a Thank You to the first responders, a prayer.   We then lit a tealight from the Christ Light (A big Candle) and placed it on the note -Anchoring our intention.  Me writing it doesn’t do it justice but you get the flavor of the sacredness of the act.

Back to my ABCs of Abunance.  Today I am supposed to laugh – enjoy myself.  I will do this in a bit.  Right now I stll feel heavy of heart – It has been over cast all day and it seems unusually quiet outside.  I sense I will spend this week being in Gratitude for the life I am experiencing and for the people who in it.  So precious.




Meet My Angelic Support Team

Communicating with the Divine is not new to me however being cognizant of communicating with them is new to me.   Being the irreverant spirit that I am – I can remember calling for assistance from the Mythical Goddesses, Gods and Saints for immediate situatinal concerns – “Oh Goddess of lost keyes, please help me.”  Being organized was never one of my strong suites.  I was and still often forget where I put keys, books, notes, cell phones, etc. Which actually brings up how I know the Angels are always around even wehn we aren’t aware of it.

I bought my first cell phone around 2002 or 2003.  At the time I was working in Harlem, NY and lived out on Long Island -a spit away from the Hamptoms.  I had a 2 hour commute each way, in other words – A land line was almost useless to me at that time in my life.  One time I dropped it in down town manhattan (by the courts) and by the time I got to my office in Harlem  someone was calling looking for its owner.  Another time I left it on the long island railroad and it was returned 3 weeks later by the person who picked it up.  Initally he called my stepfather and it didn’t track with Jack that it could be mine but eventually someone put two and two together and I was reunited with my cell phone.

I have numerous stories of miracles in my life and Iwill share them when I am called to do so (in other words – not right now).   My point about Angels pre-cognition and post cognition is:  Once I became aware of them and ready to receive their guidance – I began to notice signs of their presence.   THEN I started hearing about them and noticing information was being dropped in my lap (Clair-cognizance).  One day sometime last spring I found Archangel Raphael “God Heals the Soul.” Raphael has been with me since then.  Raphael is the healing Angel.  Soon after Raphael I invite  Archangel Michael “He who is like God” into m life.   I have to admit I have a really diffcult time not conjuring up John Travolta (Michael-The Movie) when I vision Archangel Michael.

Today I did a reading for myself with my Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  One thing I have learned – The Angels are very communicative and when I haven’t quite gotten the download or acted on the download, or been shuffling my feet  they will simply show up in the reading with a little nudge, a little reminder of what we are working on.  In a nutshell their job is Peace, Love, Harmony, etc (The Good stuff) – It is all God and the Angels are the Messengers.

Today I did a rainbow spread:

 Past Position (Archangel Jophiel) – She is Beauty of God “Clear Your Space”

Past Influences on Present (Archangel Michael) -He who is like God “You Are Safe”

Present Position (Archangel Ariel) -The Lioness or Lion of God “Spread Your Wings”

Present shedding light on futre – (Archangel Ariel) – Physical Manifestation “Prosperity” 

Future Position- (Archangel Haniel)- The Grace of God “Passion”

The Angels have been on me like White On Rice to Clear my space – externally and internally.

Michael – He is the Angel of Safety and Protection – an issue I have been struggling with.

Ariel – Physical Comfort – Just in case I didn’t pick up on her influence in the present – she is here to shine the light into my future –

Haniel – I know she has been an influence throughout however when we doubt ourselves the Angels can’t get through.  Now she is saying Hello Rebeccca – Her extra message is “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career.”  Now I can hear her and follow her guidance.

You too have Angels with you all the time.  They want to help you, You are their most beloved.


To Be Continued

Dinner with John T.

This has been my 5thsummer in Phoenix AZ.  Brutal is the word to best describe it.  I am so not a happy camper and now know why people are snow birds.  The small me forgets the beauty of the southwest, the joy I experience whenever I look up to witness the majesty of the sunrises and sunsets.  In other words I spend energy focusing on what I don’t like, i.e,  anything that I have deemed an “inconvenience.”

This summer being more cognizant of the Law of Attraction – I consciously worked on focusing on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want.  I have numerous examples to illustrate my point but the one I am going to share is most recent and well just my favorite – I am still savoring it for so many reasons.

A little background –Over the past year and a half I have been building my Spiritual Muscles.  It may have been May or June – I was at the time struggling to flex my spiritual muscles tostay in the now, in the present.  I had 54 years of practicing worry, self-doubt, and numerous other negative emotions to overcome.  Externally I was being inundated with thoughts of limitation.  I would deflect the thoughts, I would ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help me to cut and wash away all thoughts that were not to my highest and best.  I meditated, visualized, I used my Clairsenses.  I read spiritually uplifting books, I listened via to my Favorite Metaphysical Teachers, I used affirmations.  I was seeing results –glimpses that it really is true – The world is as You Believe however it wasn’t on Rebecca’s time schedule.  The meltdown came or what is called Chemicalization in the metaphysical world.  I was done Inward Journeying.  I was on overload.  My ego self was feeling very “put out.”  Deep down I knew I was still in doubt mode.  I was questioning myself – how dare I think I can co-create my life.  It is all in the details and details are not my forte.

All the above is background – a flavor of where I was emotionally and spiritually.  I was pissed off and in this vein I spoke to my friend Kathi.  “You know what I want? I want to be taken todinner at a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive through window.  I want ambience, I want Surf and Turf, I want an apple martini. I want someone else to pay for it.  I want to relax.  Kathi, God Bless her, she of course instantly believed I wanted an opulent romantic evening.  Nope, I don’t care if it is a man or woman – heck they don’t even have to talk to me.  I’m telling you what Iwant and I’m very clear: I am asked to dinner, apple martini, surf and turf, a plush booth, intimate surroundings but no it does not need to be intimate company.  This is my vision so I get to create it anyway I want.  The question that came to Kathi for me was “HOW.”  My response “How is not my business”

Fast forward to this past Monday – Sarah, an old friend from my college years and who I have not seen in at least 15 years sent me a message via facebook reporting her husband John who I also know was in Phoenix on a business trip.  According to Sarah John would surely appreciate having company for dinner.  John calls me Tuesday to take me to dinner.  He asks me what I want – I tell him surf and turf.  He says fine and asks me to look up a restaurant in my area.  We arrange for him to pick me up after he is done with work.

When John picks me up he has already looked up a few possible venues.  We agree to go to Phoenix Grill, a restaurant up the street from me that I had never been gone to before.  My vision was so completely manifested.  I got asked out to dinner, I had a steak and shrimp pasta dish, I had my appletini.  I had ambience, I had booth.  I relaxed.  My dinner was paid for by someone other than me.  I didn’t worry about what was being spent on me.

Despite the details of my original vision – it did not come close to the actual event.  I did not have to lift a finger to manifest the dinner.  Easy as ABC – Ask, Believe and Co-Create. Having dinner with a friend from my past was exquisite.  My memories of John were mostly attached to his wife Sarah and their children David and Audrey. They were babies back then and now they are both young adults.  The heart connection John has with his family was present at the dinner. I feel honored he shared it with me. I also visited with John, the man, and that was way fun!

A message from Rev. Nina Roe –

I can always count on the Angels to provide me with the message I need at the exact moment I need it.   Change is scarey for me, but I am not alone in this.  This has been a year of tremendous growth for myself and many others.  I can’t speak for others however I can speak for me and knowing we are all divinely connected what is going on for me is also at some level going on for you.   I have been very conscious of late that with Growth, Change and/or Renewel there is for me also grieving.  With grieving come bouts of crying and fear and worry.

“My dear earth angel rebecca

Many of you are aware that this summer has been a time of HUGE transitions for me personally. As of last week, both children are now away in college leaving my nest a little bare (yes, I teared up at the grocery store in front of the broccoli yesterday – my son’s favorite veggie), my mother has been ill and the business is continuing to evolve with an exciting and major “left turn”.
I must admit that there have been moments when life feels so wild that I wonder where my angels are.
I could delve into the “they are everywhere” theme and share some of the many examples of their constant presence like the flower image below that I KNOW represents Peter, our children and me – 4 flowers, 4 of us. (This could be “just another flower pot” except that flowers are often a venue for messages from my angels and I can feel the energy of their message with these beauties.)
I’d rather delve instead into the deeper theme of encouraging you – no matter what! There are many teachers (including me) who often stress the importance of keeping your thoughts positive; that if you affirm constantly that the angels support you and will help you find your perfect career, perfect health, perfect partner, etc… that it will happen.
Ouch! I know… and yet what I’ve learned from the turmoil of this summer – when my thoughts were frequently less than positive – just ask Peter or Marianne! – is that it’s FAITH that needs to be strong and solid.
Even when I was crumbled in a ball sobbing that my babies were gone and my mother is fading, I knew – without question – that all was in divine order with faith that the future is bright and perfect.
There were superficial, annoying clouds of doubt, of course. But deep down, where there was nowhere further to go, there was – and is – unwaivering faith.
My point here is that it’s okay to go into a dark place for even months at a time. What’s essential with traveling to these deeper, shadowy realms is keeping the faith that you WILL come out of it, that it WILL be okay.
So often as Lightworkers, we feel the pressure to remain positive and often push the TRUTH of our emotions below the surface. In doing this, we deny not just the truth, but also the power of the heavier emotions that frankly can be an inspiring catalyst for necessary change and unbridled creativity.
To this end, much of my teaching this fall will be focused on helping you build your faith muscle.
My angels have been insistent that I cry, mope, write, read, eat, buy a new coat, do whatever my inner being needs to do to express the grief that is a natural part of this transition. And I feel so wonderful and loved for it.
Let the truth of your emotions emerge, rebecca. It really is all good!
Five minutes after my aforementioned teary broccoli moment, the Back Street Boys came on the air while I was shopping…one of my daughters favorites from 10 years ago. Thought I might have to make a quick exit LOL! Here’s the vid if you’re curious –
Enjoy this time of change! And please join us on Facebook if you’re looking for more angel loving, supportive community. We post prayers, inspiring finds and chatter about clothes…”
Love y’all!
Rev. Nina
That was the perfect messaege for me.  I know to the depth of my core the life I want is already being created.   Everyday it becomes clearer and clearer to me “What is Mine To Do.” 
P.S. later today I will figure out how to connect Living With The Angels to my blog.  For now

Clearing with the Angels via Feng Shui

Last night or this morning I read The Angels send us approximately one million messages a day.  And here I thought I was on information overload from the external environment.

For the past several months I have been feeling a need to clean, clear and organize.  That is not to say have been gun ho about the endeavor- more like the Angelic Realm has been guiding me, nudging me (read
nagging me)  to move my feet and I of course have been dragging my feet.  I do not own a lot of possessions.  Ihave always traveled light.  I was nevera nester.  My biological clock neverticked, it never tocked; it never had to stop.  However the Angels have been nudging me to make my living space a sanctuary for myself and others. They have been on me about it for at least a year or two.  Slowly – think the pace of a turtle I been clearing and organizing my stuff so my apartment is less scrambled eggs (Thank You Renee Morgan-Brooks for that precious saying).

Gotta love the Angels.  This morning I opened up my Living With The Angels email with September’s Calendar and noticed anopportunity to listen to the recording of Angelic Life Coach and Certified Feng
Shui Practitioner Donna Cantone “Feng Shui for Abundance and Health.” (To Be Continued…)



The Energy Field of Movement and Change

Distracted this morning and had a heck, of a time leaving the house to pick up books for research.  Initially I was headed for Vision Quest in Scottsdale however I was in fear of driving to a new location on my own.  When I finally decided on a route – the printer wouldn’t print out the directions.   I put on a dress and everything for this outing.  I did the next best thing, I went to my Go To Store – A Peace Of The Universe also in Scottsdale.   When I arrived I spoke of my feeling twisted and hesitant to leave my house (I was white knuckling it the whole way, not feeling safe).   Lo and behold -The Energy of the Earth is of movement and change and if one is sensitive (YES I am) there is a feeling of dis-equilibrium between the internal and external – In other words – I feel out of Sync.  So now I am home and relaxing.  I will read a bit, immerse myself in water via the pool and then a shower.

Synchronicity?  Tonight one of my friends, Jayne Norris (Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and HYL Coach) is presenting Louise Hay’s New Movie at Creative Living Fellowship.  I so plan to be there and immerse myself in wonderful, powerful healing Energy  of Louise Hay (Renowned Earth Angel)  and Jayne ( a local earth angel of the elemental realm).




After starting this blog last night I realized I originally thought I would be actually crafting my book on wordpress.  However I now  realize this is more of a virtual sounding board.

Nagging worries came up this morning – An old stand-by Fear of Financial Catastrophy and when does this fear show up? Today when I just got paid.  Over the past several months I have started (finally) being able to manage my income to pay my rent on time.  That is not a big thing for many people however for me it was a challenge.   The answer was simple -save money from the in between check to put toward rent and TRUST.

What is it I am to trust?  Trust the baby steps. Stop comparing to others.    Trust in myself to take the action needed to be financially healthy.     Trust in the Divine – trust that God has the leading edge, state of the art Message System – the Angels. The Angels are always guiding us.  I am not unique.  The only difference between me and many others is – somewhere along the line I started being receptive.    Why wasn’t I so aware of their guidance before? STATIC.

Trust  I am safe, trust I can whisper my worries to the Angels and know the worries will be transmuted from whence they came.  Financial fear is just a little etheric goblin my ego brings up to keep me distracted from being in the moment.  I just realized practicing holding the light to what I want vs what I don’t want  is not as easy as I thought it should be but guess what? Today  I am going to do just that, shine the light on what I want instead of what I think I “SHOULD” be doing to GET what I want.