Unconditional Love

Yesterday I learned the meaning of Unconditional Love. If you had asked me prior to yesterday what I thought unconditional love meant I would have been lost to give you a definition – not because I had not heard or read about the concept. I “knew” and have debated the concept on many an occasion. Sometimes as a theoretical discussion but more often it looked like emotional warfare. And we know who had to be right, me of course.

What happened yesterday that was different? I spent time with a man who lives unconditional love. And yes of course I argued for what I believed Love has to look like, feel like, etc. And guess what? I realized I was putting out a lot of conditions on who is allowed to love me and who I am going to love. He very gently pointed out how many conditions I put out to the universe.

How do I know he lives unconditional love? Sure he told me he doesn’t put conditions on his friendships, his romantic partners, his family, etc. And a good part of me understood. Last night after we departed it hit me – This is a man who unconditionally RECEIVES LOVE. He unconditionally Gives and he unconditionally receives love. He emanates love. And that was when i got smacked with the metaphysical 2×4. I want to be unconditionally loving however I like so many put up barriers to receiving love if it doesn’t look like I want it to look.



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