Cosmic Irony

Last weekend I attended Satori L-1 of I Achieve Mastery® I had a very specific intention to get unstuck. I was feeling like Pooh when he gets stuck, push, pull no movement and ass totally exposed. Towards the end of the seminar while with my Master Mind Group I boldly claimed my intention of getting paid to write. This was my next move. Meanwhile I was in a total block. I had not blogged or done a thing to move my writing forward since October 31 except ruminate on my lack of output. There was so much in my life I was grateful for and had visions of me writing about all the good going on in my life, except I was not sitting down to write my awesome inspirational stories. I had attended Celebrate Your Life to see my favorite Metaphysical Goddess Doreen Virtue two weeks ago and that same night I put my name into the drawing to win a scholarship to the Achieve Mastery Weekend Workshop and won! Both events were inspirational, uplifting and life affirming.
Where is the Cosmic Irony in this story? All the good coming into my life didn’t get me writing. I finally sat down and wrote again after the Shell Station incident where I was accused of trying to scam them out of $20.0o. My first paying gig, only it was in reverse. Next time and forever more, I am the one receiving monies to write.


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