Appreciating the Subtlety of Angelic Energy Healing

This has been a week of healing; subtle healing of self . I went to the wikepedia to look up the definition of subtle energy  Although my brain can process it and intuitively understand the definition of subtle healing from the metaphysical paradigm – the me who has difficulty explaiining her depth of understanding shall give you Rebecca’s version of the experience of healing the self.

First a confession – I have an  ego problem – mine.  How do I know when my ego is driving me?  When I haven’t made a conscious decision to put the ego up and away.    When I feel all “twisted” up over something, someone or a situation – my ego is in the driver’s seat pouting ( I have to thank a co-worker of mine, Michael for the ‘twisted up” allegory).

This week I started noticing when my ego got involved ‘I’ was not getting my way and wanted to get an an attitude.  I have come to realize my ego is really sucky at interacting with the world.  The EGO’s go to phrases – How does this effect me?  ME ME ME — Me is scared, ME is put out Me doesn’t like You – Me needs this, needs that, ME needs YOU to do this ad nauseum.  The ego is the antithesis of Subtle.  Angelic Energy is ego less, ergo subtle.  Ego – Loud and frantic.  Ego – I want to feel good right now, not tomrrow, not in a week, – NOW, NOW, NOW.

To Be Continued- I’m off to a Concert at Creative Living Fellowship


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