I am so blessed.

Today at Service www.creativelivingfellowship.com Rev Michele’s talk was about how do we bring in our Good?  The answer was patience.  “There is a season for everything, a season for… (The Byrds).  For myself when I am in Gratitude for what I already have and am I notice little and big signs that let me know I am always, always in the loving embrace of Spirit and my Good is already here and there is much more to come.    The Angels love giving  me messages of love.  It is not a mystical woo woo message, quite the contrary – it is my dog snuggling up to me when I am contemplating, it is a smile or a hug exchanged between friends, it is exchanged laughter, exchanged joy, mutual admiration, sometimes it is as simple as  being reminded or feeling called to  remind someone else of the Truth, God is Love, God is in us and through us, ergo, we are love.

I envy those who can spontaneously speak a beautiful affirmative prayer.  That not being me – I leave myself and you with my simple prayer.

Thank You Spirit, Thank You God for my life, filled with love.  It is a blessed life and for that I am so grateful.  And so it is.

This is me,

Rebecca – I love You


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