A Message from Archangel Jophiel.

It has been at least a week since I last posted.  That is not to say I have not been connecting or communicating with the Angels.  Just in case you think or imagine I sit for hours  in the Lotus position deep in meditation to communicate or connect with the Angels you can rest assured – not so much. Half the time I sit and half the time it appears I am lying down and staring off.    Which is why I am actually quite surprised I  am connecting with them.  Earlier today  Jophiel “beauty of God” gave me a little pow wow.  How am I sure it was her?  I wasn’t until I opened up one of my research resources and read “Jophiel: Beauty Of God.”  My quick, down and dirty translation is Jophiel works with us to clean up our thoughts. My other clue ironically was she was concluding her talk with me while I was in the shower and I had an epiphany in the middle of soaping up.

From Doreen Virtues Archangels and Ascended Masters: A guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities.

As the archangel of art and beauty, Jophiel helps us metaphsically and physically. First, Jophiel helps us think beautiful thoughts; to see and appreciate beauty around us;and to, therefore, create, manifest, and attract more beauty into our lives.  After all, beautiful thoughts lead to beautiful outcomes.

This week was a week of me having numerous opportunities to worry and fret.  I know though worry, stress, distress, fear, and all the other emotions that wreck havoc on our physical and emotional spheres disconnect us from our higher self, our divine self and from Spirit. Negative emotions are cosmic static.  Difficult sometimes for us or at least me  to break a pattern of behavior w/out kicking and screaming, digging my heels in, rationalizing, justifying, intellectualizing my perogative to be hanging out in a very low frequency.

Negative emotions in nutshell voids/negates the positive from coming in. I, you, we can not  hear, can not feel, can not know, can not sense our innate perfection. God is love, God is Peace,  God is Perfection, God is omnipotent, God is omnipresent.  God is abundance, God is Opulance.  God is eternal. God is unconditional.    God is in everything.  I, you, we all possess God’s Qualities.  When I’m in that negative place – I can only hear my own mental chatter.  I am in a state of unawareness for the beauty of life.

Back to my conversation with Jophiel:  Jophiel was yet again reminding me of all the ways I personally block divine guidance (turn down the volume, put earplugs in, take a detour, etc).  MY personal Go To answer for everything is Overeating and/or not listening to what my body is asking for to be at optimal performance. If I’m now beating myself up about what I have done, or havent done. If I am fixated on losing weight, or stuffed and now mentally sluggish I have blocked Spirit, the Angels, the Divine from reminding me what an Awesome, Beautiful Being I am. It is never just one negative emotion that visits, Oh NO, Pissed Off invites his or her friends, Cranky, Procrastination, Denial, Anxious, Moody,Bratty, Revenge and who ever else wants to gate crash.

Today’s lessons from Jophiel to me was for me to Clean up my thoughts about myself – What do we call that? Self Acceptance, Self-Esteem, Sense of Self-Worth.  Listen to the Angels who have been telling me for many months now to go out in nature, eat healthier, more specifically eat Vegatarian or Vegan and yes I have resisted this particular message.  “I can’t want to do that.”  But of course the Angels are creating urges in me to eat better and now that the weather is cooling off I have almost NO excuse left to not go out and walk or hike or engage in some other healthy activity.  The Angels only bring messages of Love because they are the Energy of Love just like God.




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