Forgiveness for Peace

A week ago I began the ABCs of Abundance with the Angels (A 43-Day Experience) By Rev Nina Roe www. The past several days lessons have been on forgiveness.  I would be lying to you and to me if I was to say I have not had a battle or a hundred with forgiveness.  Mostly I have a difficult time forgiving myself, forgiving myself for my part in the “alleged” transgression or hurt.   I have held on to hurts and transgressions like they are winning lottery tickets I’m going to get to cash in one day(figuratively).  Today I understand unforgiveness is a heavy and low frequency energy.   If I have Unforgiveness in my heart, I am not at Peace.  Negative Energy is dense and weighty.   I don’t want to cash it in or pass it on.

Being nothing is random and the Divine is infused everywhere what better time for me to be contemplating Forgiveness for Peace; today being the 10th anniversery of 911.  Even now as I sit in the comfort of my apartment 10 years later and 2500 miles or so away it is still sitting in my heart and soul. Because although I myself did not lose anyone on that day – I was in New York.  I was driving to work on the long Island Expressway when it came on the news.  I was at my office when the news of the second tower going down came on.

911 was for many Americans The Unforgiveable Act.  Even then I being who I am couldn’t join in the hatred of a whole nation of people.  Maybe because I could not understand nor wanted to understand the consciousness of fear and hate that perpetrated such devastation.

On the flip side 911 was also about Love.  So many of us got a whole lot of clarity on what we wanted to hold on to -and let go of.  In the devastation there was healing.  In the tragedy there were miracles.

On my last entry I introduced my Angelic Support Team, Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and Jophiel.  Yesterday I was at Mystic Moon Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ and met Guy Devin, PhD.,CCN, CHHP.  He was there doing intuitive readings and my Angels nudged me to him and I am a good listener.  Jophiel and Zadkiel popped in to remind me of their work with me.  Jophiel is the Archangel of Beauty – My personal slant on it is she is helping  me throw out, trash the yuck and keep the shiny bling in my mental and emotional realm.

I want Peace.  I can not demand Peace from others if I don’t have Peace myself.  Peace is inspired, not a commodity to be held hostage.  I am willing to let go of my need to hold on to judgements and unforgiveness.  I can not be The Engergy of  Peace then hold a shield up and say NOPE not for  you.   No one can bring me Peace, It is mine to tap into.

This morning’s services at Creative living Fellowship was of course about 911, Unity, Oneness and Forgiveness (You can listen to the service on the website).  It was a beautiful service then again they are all exceptional.  At the end of Rev. Michele Whittington’s talk we were given the opportunity to write whatever we needed to write, be it an affirmation or a Thank You to the first responders, a prayer.   We then lit a tealight from the Christ Light (A big Candle) and placed it on the note -Anchoring our intention.  Me writing it doesn’t do it justice but you get the flavor of the sacredness of the act.

Back to my ABCs of Abunance.  Today I am supposed to laugh – enjoy myself.  I will do this in a bit.  Right now I stll feel heavy of heart – It has been over cast all day and it seems unusually quiet outside.  I sense I will spend this week being in Gratitude for the life I am experiencing and for the people who in it.  So precious.




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