Meet My Angelic Support Team

Communicating with the Divine is not new to me however being cognizant of communicating with them is new to me.   Being the irreverant spirit that I am – I can remember calling for assistance from the Mythical Goddesses, Gods and Saints for immediate situatinal concerns – “Oh Goddess of lost keyes, please help me.”  Being organized was never one of my strong suites.  I was and still often forget where I put keys, books, notes, cell phones, etc. Which actually brings up how I know the Angels are always around even wehn we aren’t aware of it.

I bought my first cell phone around 2002 or 2003.  At the time I was working in Harlem, NY and lived out on Long Island -a spit away from the Hamptoms.  I had a 2 hour commute each way, in other words – A land line was almost useless to me at that time in my life.  One time I dropped it in down town manhattan (by the courts) and by the time I got to my office in Harlem  someone was calling looking for its owner.  Another time I left it on the long island railroad and it was returned 3 weeks later by the person who picked it up.  Initally he called my stepfather and it didn’t track with Jack that it could be mine but eventually someone put two and two together and I was reunited with my cell phone.

I have numerous stories of miracles in my life and Iwill share them when I am called to do so (in other words – not right now).   My point about Angels pre-cognition and post cognition is:  Once I became aware of them and ready to receive their guidance – I began to notice signs of their presence.   THEN I started hearing about them and noticing information was being dropped in my lap (Clair-cognizance).  One day sometime last spring I found Archangel Raphael “God Heals the Soul.” Raphael has been with me since then.  Raphael is the healing Angel.  Soon after Raphael I invite  Archangel Michael “He who is like God” into m life.   I have to admit I have a really diffcult time not conjuring up John Travolta (Michael-The Movie) when I vision Archangel Michael.

Today I did a reading for myself with my Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  One thing I have learned – The Angels are very communicative and when I haven’t quite gotten the download or acted on the download, or been shuffling my feet  they will simply show up in the reading with a little nudge, a little reminder of what we are working on.  In a nutshell their job is Peace, Love, Harmony, etc (The Good stuff) – It is all God and the Angels are the Messengers.

Today I did a rainbow spread:

 Past Position (Archangel Jophiel) – She is Beauty of God “Clear Your Space”

Past Influences on Present (Archangel Michael) -He who is like God “You Are Safe”

Present Position (Archangel Ariel) -The Lioness or Lion of God “Spread Your Wings”

Present shedding light on futre – (Archangel Ariel) – Physical Manifestation “Prosperity” 

Future Position- (Archangel Haniel)- The Grace of God “Passion”

The Angels have been on me like White On Rice to Clear my space – externally and internally.

Michael – He is the Angel of Safety and Protection – an issue I have been struggling with.

Ariel – Physical Comfort – Just in case I didn’t pick up on her influence in the present – she is here to shine the light into my future –

Haniel – I know she has been an influence throughout however when we doubt ourselves the Angels can’t get through.  Now she is saying Hello Rebeccca – Her extra message is “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career.”  Now I can hear her and follow her guidance.

You too have Angels with you all the time.  They want to help you, You are their most beloved.


To Be Continued


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