Dinner with John T.

This has been my 5thsummer in Phoenix AZ.  Brutal is the word to best describe it.  I am so not a happy camper and now know why people are snow birds.  The small me forgets the beauty of the southwest, the joy I experience whenever I look up to witness the majesty of the sunrises and sunsets.  In other words I spend energy focusing on what I don’t like, i.e,  anything that I have deemed an “inconvenience.”

This summer being more cognizant of the Law of Attraction – I consciously worked on focusing on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want.  I have numerous examples to illustrate my point but the one I am going to share is most recent and well just my favorite – I am still savoring it for so many reasons.

A little background –Over the past year and a half I have been building my Spiritual Muscles.  It may have been May or June – I was at the time struggling to flex my spiritual muscles tostay in the now, in the present.  I had 54 years of practicing worry, self-doubt, and numerous other negative emotions to overcome.  Externally I was being inundated with thoughts of limitation.  I would deflect the thoughts, I would ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help me to cut and wash away all thoughts that were not to my highest and best.  I meditated, visualized, I used my Clairsenses.  I read spiritually uplifting books, I listened via Hayhouseradio.com to my Favorite Metaphysical Teachers, I used affirmations.  I was seeing results –glimpses that it really is true – The world is as You Believe however it wasn’t on Rebecca’s time schedule.  The meltdown came or what is called Chemicalization in the metaphysical world.  I was done Inward Journeying.  I was on overload.  My ego self was feeling very “put out.”  Deep down I knew I was still in doubt mode.  I was questioning myself – how dare I think I can co-create my life.  It is all in the details and details are not my forte.

All the above is background – a flavor of where I was emotionally and spiritually.  I was pissed off and in this vein I spoke to my friend Kathi.  “You know what I want? I want to be taken todinner at a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive through window.  I want ambience, I want Surf and Turf, I want an apple martini. I want someone else to pay for it.  I want to relax.  Kathi, God Bless her, she of course instantly believed I wanted an opulent romantic evening.  Nope, I don’t care if it is a man or woman – heck they don’t even have to talk to me.  I’m telling you what Iwant and I’m very clear: I am asked to dinner, apple martini, surf and turf, a plush booth, intimate surroundings but no it does not need to be intimate company.  This is my vision so I get to create it anyway I want.  The question that came to Kathi for me was “HOW.”  My response “How is not my business”

Fast forward to this past Monday – Sarah, an old friend from my college years and who I have not seen in at least 15 years sent me a message via facebook reporting her husband John who I also know was in Phoenix on a business trip.  According to Sarah John would surely appreciate having company for dinner.  John calls me Tuesday to take me to dinner.  He asks me what I want – I tell him surf and turf.  He says fine and asks me to look up a restaurant in my area.  We arrange for him to pick me up after he is done with work.

When John picks me up he has already looked up a few possible venues.  We agree to go to Phoenix Grill, a restaurant up the street from me that I had never been gone to before.  My vision was so completely manifested.  I got asked out to dinner, I had a steak and shrimp pasta dish, I had my appletini.  I had ambience, I had booth.  I relaxed.  My dinner was paid for by someone other than me.  I didn’t worry about what was being spent on me.

Despite the details of my original vision – it did not come close to the actual event.  I did not have to lift a finger to manifest the dinner.  Easy as ABC – Ask, Believe and Co-Create. Having dinner with a friend from my past was exquisite.  My memories of John were mostly attached to his wife Sarah and their children David and Audrey. They were babies back then and now they are both young adults.  The heart connection John has with his family was present at the dinner. I feel honored he shared it with me. I also visited with John, the man, and that was way fun!


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