A message from Rev. Nina Roe – Angelsteach.com

I can always count on the Angels to provide me with the message I need at the exact moment I need it.   Change is scarey for me, but I am not alone in this.  This has been a year of tremendous growth for myself and many others.  I can’t speak for others however I can speak for me and knowing we are all divinely connected what is going on for me is also at some level going on for you.   I have been very conscious of late that with Growth, Change and/or Renewel there is for me also grieving.  With grieving come bouts of crying and fear and worry.

“My dear earth angel rebecca

Many of you are aware that this summer has been a time of HUGE transitions for me personally. As of last week, both children are now away in college leaving my nest a little bare (yes, I teared up at the grocery store in front of the broccoli yesterday – my son’s favorite veggie), my mother has been ill and the business is continuing to evolve with an exciting and major “left turn”.
I must admit that there have been moments when life feels so wild that I wonder where my angels are.
I could delve into the “they are everywhere” theme and share some of the many examples of their constant presence like the flower image below that I KNOW represents Peter, our children and me – 4 flowers, 4 of us. (This could be “just another flower pot” except that flowers are often a venue for messages from my angels and I can feel the energy of their message with these beauties.)
I’d rather delve instead into the deeper theme of encouraging you – no matter what! There are many teachers (including me) who often stress the importance of keeping your thoughts positive; that if you affirm constantly that the angels support you and will help you find your perfect career, perfect health, perfect partner, etc… that it will happen.
Ouch! I know… and yet what I’ve learned from the turmoil of this summer – when my thoughts were frequently less than positive – just ask Peter or Marianne! – is that it’s FAITH that needs to be strong and solid.
Even when I was crumbled in a ball sobbing that my babies were gone and my mother is fading, I knew – without question – that all was in divine order with faith that the future is bright and perfect.
There were superficial, annoying clouds of doubt, of course. But deep down, where there was nowhere further to go, there was – and is – unwaivering faith.
My point here is that it’s okay to go into a dark place for even months at a time. What’s essential with traveling to these deeper, shadowy realms is keeping the faith that you WILL come out of it, that it WILL be okay.
So often as Lightworkers, we feel the pressure to remain positive and often push the TRUTH of our emotions below the surface. In doing this, we deny not just the truth, but also the power of the heavier emotions that frankly can be an inspiring catalyst for necessary change and unbridled creativity.
To this end, much of my teaching this fall will be focused on helping you build your faith muscle.
My angels have been insistent that I cry, mope, write, read, eat, buy a new coat, do whatever my inner being needs to do to express the grief that is a natural part of this transition. And I feel so wonderful and loved for it.
Let the truth of your emotions emerge, rebecca. It really is all good!
Five minutes after my aforementioned teary broccoli moment, the Back Street Boys came on the air while I was shopping…one of my daughters favorites from 10 years ago. Thought I might have to make a quick exit LOL! Here’s the vid if you’re curious – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fndeDfaWCg
Enjoy this time of change! And please join us on Facebook if you’re looking for more angel loving, supportive community. We post prayers, inspiring finds and chatter about clothes…”
Love y’all!
Rev. Nina
That was the perfect messaege for me.  I know to the depth of my core the life I want is already being created.   Everyday it becomes clearer and clearer to me “What is Mine To Do.” 
P.S. later today I will figure out how to connect Living With The Angels to my blog.  For now  http://www.angelsteach.com

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