Clearing with the Angels via Feng Shui

Last night or this morning I read The Angels send us approximately one million messages a day.  And here I thought I was on information overload from the external environment.

For the past several months I have been feeling a need to clean, clear and organize.  That is not to say have been gun ho about the endeavor- more like the Angelic Realm has been guiding me, nudging me (read
nagging me)  to move my feet and I of course have been dragging my feet.  I do not own a lot of possessions.  Ihave always traveled light.  I was nevera nester.  My biological clock neverticked, it never tocked; it never had to stop.  However the Angels have been nudging me to make my living space a sanctuary for myself and others. They have been on me about it for at least a year or two.  Slowly – think the pace of a turtle I been clearing and organizing my stuff so my apartment is less scrambled eggs (Thank You Renee Morgan-Brooks for that precious saying).

Gotta love the Angels.  This morning I opened up my Living With The Angels email with September’s Calendar and noticed anopportunity to listen to the recording of Angelic Life Coach and Certified Feng
Shui Practitioner Donna Cantone “Feng Shui for Abundance and Health.” (To Be Continued…)




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