The Energy Field of Movement and Change

Distracted this morning and had a heck, of a time leaving the house to pick up books for research.  Initially I was headed for Vision Quest in Scottsdale however I was in fear of driving to a new location on my own.  When I finally decided on a route – the printer wouldn’t print out the directions.   I put on a dress and everything for this outing.  I did the next best thing, I went to my Go To Store – A Peace Of The Universe also in Scottsdale.   When I arrived I spoke of my feeling twisted and hesitant to leave my house (I was white knuckling it the whole way, not feeling safe).   Lo and behold -The Energy of the Earth is of movement and change and if one is sensitive (YES I am) there is a feeling of dis-equilibrium between the internal and external – In other words – I feel out of Sync.  So now I am home and relaxing.  I will read a bit, immerse myself in water via the pool and then a shower.

Synchronicity?  Tonight one of my friends, Jayne Norris (Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and HYL Coach) is presenting Louise Hay’s New Movie at Creative Living Fellowship.  I so plan to be there and immerse myself in wonderful, powerful healing Energy  of Louise Hay (Renowned Earth Angel)  and Jayne ( a local earth angel of the elemental realm).




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