Write Now!

For years everyone told me I should write.  The question for me always what do I write about?  There wasn’t any particular subject I was an expert.  I’ve always been a “dabbler” or as I prefer to say a “dilletante.”  That is a fancy schmancy way of saying – I know a little about a lot of things.   Mostly though I know how to access/gather  information.  For me it has never been Who I know, but what I know and who is it who is it the information is to be passed on to.   Less than a year ago it came to me – this seemingly useless knack  for re-cycling and up-cycling out information is a gift from the Divine – The One.  And how do I know this now? Because God’s Messengers,the Angels have been involved all along.

So I”m going to write now, not later, not tomrrow.   After years of procrastination (Yes a gift I am ready to now release), self-doubt and second guessing I am writing on  a subject I am barely acquainted with, The Angelic Realm.  If they aren’t concerned I’m ill equipped who am I to worry.




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