After starting this blog last night I realized I originally thought I would be actually crafting my book on wordpress.  However I now  realize this is more of a virtual sounding board.

Nagging worries came up this morning – An old stand-by Fear of Financial Catastrophy and when does this fear show up? Today when I just got paid.  Over the past several months I have started (finally) being able to manage my income to pay my rent on time.  That is not a big thing for many people however for me it was a challenge.   The answer was simple -save money from the in between check to put toward rent and TRUST.

What is it I am to trust?  Trust the baby steps. Stop comparing to others.    Trust in myself to take the action needed to be financially healthy.     Trust in the Divine – trust that God has the leading edge, state of the art Message System – the Angels. The Angels are always guiding us.  I am not unique.  The only difference between me and many others is – somewhere along the line I started being receptive.    Why wasn’t I so aware of their guidance before? STATIC.

Trust  I am safe, trust I can whisper my worries to the Angels and know the worries will be transmuted from whence they came.  Financial fear is just a little etheric goblin my ego brings up to keep me distracted from being in the moment.  I just realized practicing holding the light to what I want vs what I don’t want  is not as easy as I thought it should be but guess what? Today  I am going to do just that, shine the light on what I want instead of what I think I “SHOULD” be doing to GET what I want.




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